Downloadable Wellbeing Campaigns

The Workplace Champions Hub campaigns consist of posters, leaflets, and interactive resources that are designed to be engaging, motivational and educational. Campaign topics include Physical Activity, Mental Health, Nutrition, Musculoskeletal Health, Cancer Prevention and Smoking & Alcohol.

Downloadable wellbeing campaigns are designed for organisations with wellbeing champions. These could be staff with a work objective to deliver wellbeing or volunteers who are simply interested in improving the health and wellbeing of their colleagues. No previous experience or health related knowledge is required as the campaigns are all self contained.

Initial training whether face to face or dial-in informs of some of the principles of promoting wellbeing and how to deliver the Workplace Champions Hub campaigns. The Learning Centre is where Wellbeing Champions can keep abreast of current trends in workplace wellbeing, find out what other champions are doing and share their challenges and successes.


  • Spotlight

    • Dee’s Story

      Dee works mostly offsite therefore has adapted her technique to best reach her fellow champions and colleagues.  As well as a monthly email containing a campaign summary, there are fun photo’s (see Hydration Campaign Photo above) and competitions to enjoy.  Dee has certainly intrigued us with the tasty recipes, so a big thumbs up and well done for inspiring us all!

      If you’ve got a recipe idea, send it in and we’ll display it.

    • Nicola’s story

      My workplace initiated a Walk More campaign in October. I had wanted to increase my activity for a long time but didn’t know quite where to start. Since then I have started to jog ‘regularly‘, (which I never thought possible because of barriers like time and childcare etc). I’m also a dress size smaller and I feel healthier. So much so that my asthma which previously plagued me, barely causes me an issue any more!

    • Sara’s story

      I am very grateful to my employer for running the Getting Active campaigns. Not only have I lost weight, I’ve also gained friends! Before I’d sit at my desk for lunch, but now we go for a stroll and have a giggle! We’re going to try the Eat Well campaigns next month!

  • Champions Support

    Send us your questions and we will post the answers here for all to see. Email:

    • QI'm looking for different ways in which to distribute the Sleep Tight resources as there are quite a few posters already up on the walls. Do you have any suggestions?

      AI recently spoke to a Champion who did a desk drop and even used the posters as paper mats for the trays in their canteen. You could also try printing the poster or M1 smaller and popping them in with the staff pay slips?

    • QI’ve heard of the NHS vascular health checks. Have you got any information on this?

      AThese are provided by the NHS free of charge to men and womenbetween the ages of 40 - 74 and have not been diagnosed with certain medical conditions. Contact your local PCT or GP for details.

    • QI’m planning on doing a walking campaign. Can you give me any reliable websites or organisations that can help?

      AThere are two main websites that we are aware of which is the ramblers association, walking the way to health project and Walk England.

  • Swap Shop

    The swap shop is a place for you to find out about other workplace wellbeing programmes and to share your case studies with fellow champions. Please send your case studies to: